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Register For All 3 Run Events & Save BIG! 

COVID-19 Alert: All registration must be done directly through our Virtual Run Page. We will mail all your gear ahead of time to avoid any close contact during packet pick up. If we are hosting a live event you will still be able to participate even if you purchased a virtual run. Our goal is to keep everyone including our staff safe. We will be practicing social distancing at any live event we are allowed to have.



2020 Trilogy Event Series will be all three main events we are hosting.


You must register on this registration page to receive your additional medal for participating in all three events. We will mail out all your gear immediately that way you can do the virtual runs on your own time. 

Due to social distancing we are forced to switch all events to a Virtual Run/Walk. 

The medal will be a collaboration of all three events in one medal. 

This event is limited to only the first 150 participants that register. 

Event Cost for all 3 Events: $90 ONLY 

Triple Run Medal.png
EZ Run Event Trilogy Run medal with ribb

Virtual Run/Walk

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Harvest Medal.png
Harvest Hoodie.png
Christmas Medals.png
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